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What do I mean 'delighted' - without Always Take Care we would have been royally stuffed!

A very BIG thank you from all of us ....

And anyone who asks for a reference - send them my way!



Mum and Dad

Heather, Bridget, lead carer Jo, and long-term carers Lucy and Vanessa have built a home for Mum and Dad filled with fun and love.  This is a place where all who visit see immediately how two of our greatest fears have become something very different.

Always Take Care is at the same time great advice and the definition of an approach that changes as the needs change, evolving every day, improving all the time.  This is a way that says we can always do better and by always doing better there is progress.

Dad has a spiritual connection to music, the house is filled with music.  Dad has always loved Jaffa Cakes, and he eats loads of Jaffa Cakes.  If he takes a step down, no-one panics, Jo sees that he rests for a few days and bounces back.

Mum has trouble swallowing and through her condition has lost some of her flexibility.  She looks ten years younger and lost the anxieties of before.

All Mum and Dad's physical and psychological needs are satisfied, they live in a very special and enlightened environment without fear and with lots of love.

Thank you too Mary, Tatum, Byron, Sav, Joyce, Flik, Beverley, and Sandy.




Dear Bridget

Thank you so much for the wonderful care that your agency provided to my father over the last few months.  It could not be faulted.  Cynthia, Joy and Theresa ensured his wellbeing and safety.  Our family are extremely grateful.

Regards J E


I cannot rate Denise too highly as a carer.  She has looked after me for the last 6 months and has made the lives of both myself and my wife very much easier than they would otherwise have been.  She is very experienced, versatile and knows when to be tender and when to be firm.

She exudes confidence and is excellent company.  A first class carer in every way.


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